Inbox Monster

Brand Refresh & Website
Inbox Monster
Branding & Website
12 Weeks
Inbox Monster


A brand quickly growing out of "start-up" and into contender need to match the fit. How could you update the brand, with out loosing brand recognition that they have been working so hard to grab?

  • Refresh the brand, but keep the overall logo feel
  • Create a new custom website
  • Create new tradeshow booth designs and collateral


This was an evolution of the logo mark, instead of a revolution. We kept the overall look just balanced the mark with custom type while cleaning up the monster a tad and making the envelope a bit more noticeable.

  1. Keep the tech feel but created a new visual language
  2. Built full new brand guidelines
  3. Built new design UI/UX components
  4. New tradeshow design systems
  5. Custom illustrations
Inbox Monster