Tommyknocker Brewery

Rebrand the packaging of this iconic Colorado Brand
Tommyknocker Brewery
Rebrand + Packaging
8 Weeks
Tommyknocker Brewery


How to take an iconic brand and elevate to a new demographic moving into Colorado.

  • User group (55-65)
  • Established in 1994
  • Two users groups - On-premise and off-premise
  • Out dated packaging and website


We identified a new user group of 28-32 year olds who live in the city, but traveled often to the mountains. They were looking for a freshness to the brand with a bit of mountain town.

  1. Created new collage elements for cans
  2. Brightened the colors while cleaning up the typography
  3. increased the size iconic Tommyknocker face for brand recognition
  4. Built a brand new website to match the feel
  5. Updated the menu in-house to have a craft touch
Tommyknocker Brewery